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My name is Matt Coakley. I’m a video content creator and YouTuber.

I love making beautiful films!

I started making videos when I was eleven, which slowly developed from a passion into a career. I’ve been doing this professionally for over fifteen years (full-time for the last ten), and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people and to see some amazing and beautiful places.

In the last four years I’ve expanded into creating stock footage content and working on personal films and projects, which has opened the door to many more opportunities. If you’ve seen some of my work on YouTube and want to collaborate, or if you’re interested in licensing some of my content, please reach out. Let’s talk!

I love working with people and brands who appreciate beauty and whose vision for marketing involves more than simply showing a product, service, or location. I want to tell beautiful stories and highlight awesome locations and experiences.

On a personal note, I’m also a husband to my beautiful wife Holly, and together we have three beautiful little girls! We love traveling together and experiencing the wonderful opportunities that this work allows.

Let’s make something beautiful!